$50 to $1K Sure Bet Challenge

Super Fast Livescore Latest record: 12 Winning Run

Super Fast Livescore Accumulated profit for last challenge: $629.29/font> last update: 19 December 2018

Best winning record: 38 consecutive wins on 5 May 2017

This is the place where you turn $50 to $1,000.

Sure Bet Challenge is the idea of placing $50 on confident bet with odds around 1.25 and keep rolling it over and over again until you reach the winning of $1,000. It's going to take about 14 consecutives win to reach $1,000.

Sound hard? The hardest part is to accept 1.25 return which is pretty low at the beginning but it increases as you won. Take a look at the winning rate:

Consecutive winning of 1.25 betting odds:
4th win=
8th win=
12th win=
14th win =

If you continue carry on, 24 win is MASSIVE $10,587.91

How Did We Do In The Past?
We've reached 38 consequtives win on 5 May 2017 where $50 become massive $686,971.93.

How Do I Start?
We recommend all our followers to get an Unibet account as we post the betting tip with direct link to Unibet slip in order to avoid any mistake in selecting the bet. GET YOUR UNIBET ACCOUNT NOW

Please take note that there is NO guaranteed of winning. Please bet responsibly.

$50 to $1K Sure Bet Challenge Betting Tips

Betting Tip 6: Red Star Belgrade v PSG [Champions League]
Sure Bet: PSG 1x2 1.19 @ unibet

(T&C Apply)

Verdict: WON 1-4

Betting Tip 5: Utrecht v Heracles [Dutch Eredivisie]
Sure Bet: Utrecht 0 AsianHandicap 1.24 @ unibet

(T&C Apply)

Verdict: WON 3-1

Betting Tip 4: Freiburg v RB Leipzig [German Bundesliga]
Sure Bet: Under 3.5 Goals 1.36 @ unibet

(T&C Apply)

Verdict: WON 3-0

Betting Tip 3: Juventus vs Inter Milan [Italian Serie A]
Sure Bet: Inter Milan +2.25 AsianHandicap 1.18 @ unibet

(T&C Apply)

Verdict: WON 1-0

Betting Tip 2: Feyenoord v Venlo [Dutch Eredivisie]
Sure Bet: Venlo +3.5 AsianHandicap 1.18 @ unibet

(T&C Apply)

Verdict: WON 4-1

Betting Tip 1: Burnley v Liverpool [English Premier League]
Sure Bet: Burnley +2.5 AsianHandicap 1.38 @ unibet

(T&C Apply)

Verdict: WON 1-3

Betting Tip 9: West Ham v Cardiff [English Premier League]
Sure Bet: Under 3.5 Goals 1.38 @ unibet

(T&C Apply)

Verdict: LOST 3-1

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6 Rules To Complete $50 To $1K Sure Bet Challenge

1. Bookie - Make sure you have Unibet betting account as we post all out tips based on the odds and availability on Unibet. Please register an Unibet account now to continue.

2. Betting Odds - Completing the challenge is not possible with different betting odds. With our tips are all based on Unibet, I have to emphasie again that you need Unibet to part of our winning team.

3. Patience - This is the key reason why people failed. Loser try to chase another bet to recover they losses and too eager to win $1,000 which turns into disaster.

4. Discipline - We have set our goal and you have to follow the path. Do take it seriously and do not under estimate the risk of making a bad bet on 1.25 which look easy to win.

5. Research - If you thinkg you can do better than us, we advice you to do your home work by checking injuries list, the impotant of next fixture and team news. Do not neglect every detail.

6. Cash Out - 14 is the magic number but do not be shy to cash out $100 and restart again. Doing it 10 times will complete the challenge too!




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